Blacklisted and Need A Loan?

If you are blacklisted and need a loan. Or if you have a bad credit record and are looking for a loan and finance to help you out of a bad financial debt situation. Then you need to consider one of the various unsecured loans or micro loans available. Loans are available from the different lenders and … [Read More...]

Get Blacklisted Car Finance at Vehicle Loan Providers

Blacklisted car finance is for people who have been refused a loan from ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank or any other major bank. And is available depending on your credit history. For instance, if you have a bad credit record. And you are on a blacklist as a high risk to lend to because of defaulting on … [Read More...]

African Bank Loans

African Bank loans are available for those who need to borrow money urgently. You might want to buy car parts or even a car or otherwise for personal reasons. You may apply at this bank for a loan. The only time you should look at getting credit like this is if you are sure that the repayments are not going … [Read More...]

Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans are available for those who find themselves in financial debt. Or people struggling to get a loan from the bank because of being on the black list. Blacklisted and bad credit can sometimes feel like a vicious circle. But personal loans are available for those who search … [Read More...]

Home Loans for Blacklisted People

Home loans for blacklisted people. Or if you have a poor credit record are available in certain instances. You may be put on a blacklist by another company, it doesn't mean there are no options. Or any opportunity to borrow money from a different financial credit provider. There are thousands of people in … [Read More...]

Vehicle Finance For Blacklisted

Vehicle finance for blacklisted people. If you need a car but have a bad credit record due to previous financial problems. It's obtainable through the various online finance companies and application forms are free and easy to fill out. Read More: Cash Loans For People With A Bad Credit History It only … [Read More...]