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Solutions Other than Relying on Loans for Cash

If you need money urgently and you do not want to consider going into debt to solve your problems, there are solutions other than relying on loans for cash. Finding these solutions may not be as easy as it is to apply for a quick loan, but relying on resources other than getting yourself into debt will help … [Read More...]

Instant Cash Loans from African Bank

If you are looking to borrow money quickly, you should look into applying for one of the instant cash loans from African Bank. Because of our consumer driven fast paced lifestyles, many people feel the need to borrow cash in order to have the essentials in their lives. Often, if something goes wrong, people … [Read More...]

Who on Earth Finances Blacklisted People?

It is a relevant question in a society where finance is everything, people are getting blacklisted by companies in South Africa and having debt can land you in a huge amount of trouble. Getting into debt is unfortunately incredibly easy. Because almost everything worth having costs more than most people can … [Read More...]

Do ABSA, Nedbank, FNB or Standard Bank Offer Blacklisted Loans?

For people who are blacklisted, trying to apply for car finance and personal loans through ABSA, Nedbank, FNB or Standard Bank is a somewhat painful and usually disappointing task. Unfortunately for a person with a bad credit record, these major South African banks have very strict rules when it comes to … [Read More...]

Cape Town Loan Sharks – Don’t Get Eaten!

People who offer to lend money at exorbitant interest rates are known as loan sharks for a reason – if you are not careful, they can eat you and your wallet alive! They are not fussy about who borrows from them; you don’t need to have a good credit record or go through a strenuous form-filling process. … [Read More...]

Comparing Standard Bank, Capitec, FNB, Absa and Nedbank Charges

South African bank charges are some of the highest in the world, even though the country has many low-income earners. The good news is that bank charges have decreased in the past year, according to research conducted by Solidarity (a South African trade union). Of the five largest commercial banks (Absa, … [Read More...]